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Jennifer Rauch

Hi, Lewis... I'd love to hear more about your course! I used to study "Alternative Media" but now I've migrated toward "Alternatives to Media" :-)


I was tested and had the reading comprehension of a junior in college when I was in the ninth grade it came from reading a lot of books.

P.S. I have poor gramer spelling and punctuation that comes from being a Man!

Lewis Kaye

This is really great! I stumbled across this blog while prepping for a 3rd year course I'm teaching on Alternative Media, and hit upon the idea of Slow Media as Alternative Practice. Your blog is now assigned reading for my course! Thanks!


Please keep blogging about your students' reactions to this project, and also how it affected the rest of your course. You're inspiring me to think about ways to incorporate unplugging into my courses in a non-punitive way so that students see it as a positive thing to do and discover its benefits.

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