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Yaro from Poland

Yes, it's a good idea. How is too much information, people can not concentrate, and have problems with work and relationships with other people. For something like this, we become lonely. Many of us can not imagine a day without your favorite website, or facebook twiter. It is an addiction. I do a "digital detox" for 2 days a week - no internet, no television, no radio. Only books, beer, friends and barbecue.


Wow! That's a great idea, Sophia: One webpage at a time. Never occurred to me, now that I've been brainwashed to open multiple browser windows -- nay, multiple browsers! I'll have to try this strategy. P.S. You might enjoy this book called Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life, by Winifred Gallagher. Not too deep or dense to preclude beach/pool reading :-)


Very droll! I enjoyed this translation quite unique, and also it has pleased me to wonder about the original version in French as I'm too lazy to seek the source. I only view one webpage at a time; my version of slowing down digital media. Just back from two days off-line and always enjoy reading your blog. Maybe you'll publish it as an old-school one-page mimeographed newsletter handed out on street corners, when you go off-line for good?

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