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What a coincidence, Patricia. I'm contemplating a post on the new Computer Engineer Barbie, which is supposedly a big step forward in pop culture for womankind. Most of the people I know who work in IT, web design, etc. are anxious to change careers and get far away from computers, if only there were a viable option. Even if we don't work in computing, we usually still have to work with computing, alas.

Patricia Mace

I haven't read any of these books and just heard about Slow Media on NPR. I'm glad you're here. Can someone please direct me to a good source of income that doesn't require frying my eyeballs out? Tired of computers, that's what I am.


I have a friend who's working on a way to automatically post hand-written/typed faxes to my blog, so I'll be able to let people know how the project is going without actually being online!

john dibartolo

let me know how it feels when you get deeper into it. oops, guess you cant. unless you would like to write a letter with a stamp and all. or perhaps i'll write you and ride it in on my horse. (how fun would that be if i did that) i tried scratching the surface of how facebook messes with fate, 'or does it' with some listening folk, and came to the conclusion that, in the end, its all the same.

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